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Welcome to Apex

You landed at the right place. Learning here is development with fun. Humanity has passed through different kinds of societies at different ages – the Nomadic/Wandering Society, Agriculture Society and Industrial Society. Now we have evolved into information society India, as a country, has large pool of human resources but lacks proper training and skills, Skill development, specifically with reference to information technology. Is the key note of every effort of government at central and state level. The effort of NGOs and private organizations is also solicited and appreciated. We, at, Apex ,take pride in saying that we are also a part of same revolution.

Apex Commercial College is a very old and reputed name I providing training in shorthand and typing skills. We train students for government and private services especially with reference to these skills. A disciplined and conducive environment is maintained here for such kind of training. Dedicated, result-oriented and experienced faculties are responsible for the past results.

  • We will just state few words about shorthand and typing to make our prospective students and general public aware of what these skills are.
  • It is co-Educational Institution having healthy environment.
  • System for short hand writing in English was invented by Sir Issac Pitman in 1837, the most popular system of English shorthand.

Phonography, the name originally given to Pitman Shorthand, has been briefly but accurately defined as “the art of representing spoken sounds by characters; a system of short hand. ”if it is like that, then the first question what will come to the mind will be, what is the fundamental difference between the shorthand characters and the letters In ordinary writing and printing? It is obvious that the usual or Romanic alphabet of twenty-six letters cannot represent by distinct characters the thirty-six typical sounds of the English language. As a consequence, many of the letter of the alphabet are of necessity used to represent different sounds. It is manifest, therefore, that any system of shorthand founded on the common alphabet would prove a very imperfect and cumbersome instrument for recording spoken utterances’ with certainty and speed- the chief object of the shorthand.

Hindi shorthand may be considered as the direct outcome of English Shorthand. One Mr. Rishi lal Aggarwal was engaged in secretarial practices as the capacity of a clerk in the office of legal remembrance. While working there he was struck with and idea of developing a shot hand language for Hindi in 1922. He started work on his idea in 1924 that ultimately resulted into the development of Hindi Shorthand System, Popularly known as Rishi Pranali. It is a complete system of shorthand that includes Logograms, Phraseography, Contractions, Department special outlines and distinguished outlines. The beauty of this shorthand language is that it can extended to be used as shorthand language for Urdu and /or Hindustani

  • We provide stenography training specifically for Assistant Sub Inspector Steno (Central Reserve Police Forces)
  • Both manual (type writer) and computer typing raining is proved in Hindi. Many different font/kinds are available, such as Kruti Dev
  • shorthand test is usually accompanied by a typing test in respective language by typing the dictated matter in the concerned shorthand language test.

Our Achievements

The following students have been selected recently for different government jobs in recent years.


  • Yogendra Singh Yadav (Sales Tax) Steno
  • Ajay Kumar Pathak (Sales Tax) Steno
  • Akash Verma (Income Tax) Steno
  • Satendra Sahu (Sales Tax)
  • Rahul Dixit
  • Gaurav Gupta (Sales Tax) Typing


  • Ansar Ahmad Khan (PWD) Steno
  • Arvind Shukla (Secretariat) ARO
  • Dinesh - Chakbandi Lekhpal
  • Sailesh Yadav - VDO
  • Sumit Paswan - Custom Officer
  • Anshul Jaiswal - VDO
  • Anju - Lekhpal

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